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Will A Crown Or Implant Affect My Oral Appliance?

Will A Crown Or Implant Affect My Oral Appliance?

by San Antonio, TX sleep expert Dr. Richard Drake

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Dr. Richard Drake with Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions. And if you have a custom dental device and you go see your dentist and he says, hey, you chipped a tooth here, you have a big filling that’s cracked and we need to put a crown on there, should you do that? Yes, you should. I would recommend that you do whatever your dentist says within reason.

But then, how does that affect the fit of your device? So in our practice here, we typically tell the patient as well as the doctor who’s doing the work to try to make it look as close to the same as when you went in there. But sometimes that’s not possible, because maybe the tooth broke or something like that.

So we can always work around one or two teeth that break or one or two fillings that get done. If you have a whole quadrant, the whole lower right, for example– you were in a car wreck and something happened– then we might need to remake your device. But a filling here or there, a crown here or there– even an implant– when we make a custom dental device in our office, we always wax the tooth in that particular position so that if you do get an implant, we would just make it fit. So there is always a way to work around that.

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