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BEST Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

BEST Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

Flowers? Nice. Chocolate? OK, Flowers and chocolates? Probably better. How about a nice dinner, date night, on top of flowers and chocolate? Now we’re talking.

I may be old-fashioned, but I’ve always believed that the most valuable gift I can receive from a loved one is…..their time. Sure, one of my 5 Love Languages is Quality Time (hence my value in receiving that gift), but I believe I value it more because of the effort it takes. Your lover may have Gift Giving at the top of the list, and yes indeed, flowers and the like can get you some brownie points; never pass up the opportunity to get more brownie points!

Here’s an idea that maybe, just maybe, you’ve not thought of as a “gift” to your loved one.

Increase your lover’s Quality of Life by treating your snoring and sleep apnea! Yeah!

Now we’re talking about a serious, life-changing event that not only gets you kudos but it can literally change your life and the life of your loved one.

You may think this is a stretch, but truly, I believe that snoring less has helped to save many a marriage. Yes! It’s one of those rare gifts that the great philosophers of old would question: Is it really a gift to my lover, or is it an act of selfishness? Oh…I diverge too much, but you get the jest. You’re helping yourself by snoring less, sleeping better, oxygenating better. Indeed, you are increasing your longevity! You’re decreasing your risk for high blood pressure, for heart attacks, for strokes, for automobile accidents, for diabetes. And on top of that, you’re giving a wonderful gift to your bed partner who will appreciate it more, I am confident, than a years’ supply of chocolates!

Here’s a couple of gift ideas, above and beyond treating your snoring and sleep apnea.

For him: 20 Best Valentine Day Gifts for him

For her: 60 Totally Sweet Valentine Day Gifts for her

Happy Valentine’s Day from Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions!

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