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Sleep Device – Applying Elastic Bands

Sleep Device – Applying Elastic Bands

Applying Elastic Bands To Your Sleep Device

For those suffering from sleep apnea, a sleep device with bands may have been recommended to you. If you have never used bands on a sleep device before, this process may seem a little confusing. However, we have provided clear instructions on how to properly connect the bands to your device.

When applying elastic bands, no matter the type of sleep device, you first need to locate what the bands will hook on to. The attachment areas may be in the form of slits in the device or ball clasps. To attach the elastic bands to your device, take the appropriate sized band that has been given to you by your doctor and begin hooking one end to the top ball clasp or slit. Once in place, grab the opposite end of the band and stretch it until it hooks on to the lower ball clasp or slit. The bands will always attach along the same side, from the upper piece to the lower piece. If both ends of the elastic band are stretched from the top hooks to the bottom hooks, you have correctly attached the bands to your sleep device!

For further information on sleep devices, be sure to read our related video blogs. If you are seeking professional help with sleep apnea treatment, contact Dr. Drake immediately to get the rest you deserve.

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