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Are You Frustrated With Your CPAP?

Do you take your mask off during the night?
Can’t stand the noise?
Air flow adjustment issues?
Dry eyes—skin irritated?
Tired of lugging the equipment around when traveling?

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Patient Reviews

I tried wrestling with a CPAP for treating my sleep apnea. However after meeting Dr. Drake and trying the dental device, it has become my primary way for attaining better sleep! Much easier to use and less to have to carry around as I travel. The staff are also very warm and friendly and answer any questions with a smile. I’ve already started suggesting to my fellow vets they try the dental device. Awesome place all around.
Jameson Nunyazu

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Dr. Drake discusses the advantages of dental devices over CPAP.
Herbst Device – CPAP Replacement

Our Dental Solution Will Help You

Get Some Rest.

Our Custom Dental Sleep Devices Have a 96% Success Rate!