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Why Can’t My Dentist Make My Dental Device?

Why Can’t My Dentist Make My Dental Device?

by San Antonio, TX sleep expert Dr. Richard Drake

Video Transcript

Very possibly your own dentist can make you a dental sleep device. You might want to ask how often your dentist does this? Remember, dental sleep medicine is all we do, all day, every day. We have made thousands of custom dental sleep devices over the last 20 years.

You’ll also want to consider cost and insurance coverage. Dental sleep appliances are covered by your medical insurance, providing you’ve had coverage for sleep apnea, and you’ve had a sleep study that shows a diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions is In-Network with Medicare, Tri-Care, Humana, Aetna, and United Healthcare. We have applied for In-Network status with multiple other insurers as well. So even if you don’t see your insurance here, give us a call.

Additionally, we will communicate your treatment progress with your referring physician and other healthcare providers. Very often we hear our medical colleagues speak most highly of us due to these reasons.

Our Dental Solution Will Help You

Get Some Rest.

Our Custom Dental Sleep Devices Have a 96% Success Rate!