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Which Oral Appliance Is Best For Me?

Which Oral Appliance Is Best For Me?

by San Antonio, TX sleep expert Dr. Richard Drake

Video Transcript

During your consultation appointment a doctor will examine several things, that will help him or her decide, which dental device would work best for you. Aware of the most recent research regarding customer oral appliances along with the experience of treating hundreds of thousands of patients, allows our doctors to confidently recommend a particular type of dental device for you. Just some of the areas we look at are, your bite, is it shallow or deep, your jaw position, is it more forward or more back, wear patterns on your teeth and your present level of clenching and nighttime bruxi, the width of your dental arches, the size of your tongue, the soft tissue crowding in the back of your throat, how well you can breathe through your nose, the status of your temperamental insular joint, clinking, poppy, locking, muscle pain. After you get to look the device types she may have some input as well about which one you think you may or may not be able to wear. We encourage you to speak up and engage in the discussion, during your consultation.

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