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Sleep Apnea is Causing Driving Danger

Sleep Apnea is Causing Driving Danger

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Sleep Apnea and Drowsy Driving

When you suffer from sleep apnea, it may seem impossible to ever feel well rested. As your body starts to relax as you fall asleep, your upper airways will begin to collapse and result in complete or partial airway closure. Upon occurrence, your brain will wake from deep sleep due to the feeling of suffocation. This endless cycle of falling asleep and your body waking itself back up can leave many victims feeling extremely fatigued throughout the day. This lack of sleep is very dangerous, as it can negatively effect many areas of your life—including driving.

When you get behind the wheel of a car without being properly rested, you put yourself, your passengers, and fellow drivers at risk. According to a study, approximately eleven million drivers admit they have had an accident because they dozed off or were too tired to drive. These outstanding numbers are just the accidents that have been reported; as an estimated 168 million drivers are said to have driven vehicles while fatigued. When we experience the severe lack of sleep that sleep apnea causes, faults in attention are likely to take place. Being so susceptible to this kind of error is a dangerous premise to drive upon. If you are driving with sleep apnea, danger can be present throughout the entire ride. Drowsy driving can lead to accidents, tickets, fines, raised insurance rates, injury, and even death.

However, there is a solution. Sleep apnea can be effectively treated with the use of a Herbst device. A smaller and more convenient alternative to the CPAP machine, a Herbst device resembles a mouth guard that combats sleep apnea. Usage of the device can result in a good night’s sleep that leaves you feeling well rested and alert for the following day. By recharging your body and increasing your awareness, you are actively taking back control of your life. Eliminate the dangers of driving while tired, and contact Dr. Drake immediately to start getting the sleep you deserve.

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