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How to Recapture Your Bite

How to Recapture Your Bite

When attempting to recapture your bite, there are two exercise options available:
  1. Massage your cheeks and jaw muscles
    Begin by applying pressure to the cheeks near the jawline with the pads of your fingers. Move your fingers in a circular motion and gradually work your fingers across the cheek’s surface. It is important to make sure that you are also massaging all the way up to your temples and jaw joints. Continue massaging the cheek, temple, and jawbone region for two to three minutes. This massage will relieve any tenderness you may be experiencing after you remove your sleep device.
  2. Tongue exercise
    Begin by putting your tongue on against the roof of your mouth, behind your two front teeth. Proceed to drag your tongue against the roof of your mouth as far back as you can. You will repeat this motion while tensing your face muscles to pull back your lips. Continue dragging your tongue back with a tense face for two to three minutes. Once you have completed the exercise, you will place your AM aligner along the bottom row of your teeth and push it down. You will then smile, normally, to make sure that your teeth fit into the grooves of the aligner. When smiling, it is important to make sure your back teeth are touching, as well. When you remove the AM aligner, you’ll smile again to ensure your back teeth are still touching. If done correctly, you will have successfully recaptured your bite.

Once your bite has been recaptured, you are officially ready to start your day! For further instruction or more information about our sleep devices, contact Dr. Drake today.

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