Say Goodbye to Your CPAP

Are you tired of messing with your cpap machine? Tired of ordering cpap supplies? Did you know that there is an alternative to cpap that requires no electricity? Read on to find out more about a custom dental device by Dr. Drake.

Do you find it near impossible to be able to keep CPAP on all night? Is the CPAP keeping you AND your bed partner from sleeping? Sleep apnea patients don’t HAVE to struggle with CPAP any longer! There is an alternative to CPAP and it is a custom oral appliance made by Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions. Are you wondering if a dental device is a good alternative to CPAP? It costs you nothing but time to find out. Dr. Drake offers free consultations! If you have most of your upper and lower teeth, then yes, you are very likely a good candidate for a custom made dental device. Can you move your lower jaw forward? Custom dental devices by Dr. Drake are made to fit you and no one else in the world. Oral appliance therapy works by keeping your lower jaw from falling down and back. A jaw in a slightly open and forward position means the tongue and the palate are further from the back of your throat; this means less snoring! More oxygen! Better sleep! No longer do you have to go to bed tired and then wake up tired. Wake up refreshed and with a renewed spirit to conquer the world! You’re thinking this sounds to good to be true, and it must be expensive. But wait, Dr. Drake is IN NETWORK with most major medical insurance companies, and yes, most medical plans pay for this service.

Give us a call at 210-541-9001 to schedule a no cost no obligation consultation with Dr. Drake.

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